Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter Update

Hi folks

Things are moving forward with our movie project, although more slowly than we expected.

We have completed a script breakdown with the wonderful support of Lisa Lawley, a film student, who did this work for free. The next steps are scheduling and budgeting. The person we’d hired to do the budget flaked out, but we have identified an art director here in Kenya who should be even better.Once we have the detailed schedule and budget in hand, we will be able to do some more serious fundraising from individuals, foundations and corporations. Definitely let us know if you have connections with anyone who might be in film funding world.

Meanwhile, an update on how we’ve spent the money you contributed via Kickstarter:

  •  We had expected to pay $5,000 for the line-item budget but with Lisa’s generous input we should end up spending less than that.
  •  Therefore we’ve been able to buy software for film budgeting and scheduling and will buy a computer with higher specifications to help us with the next steps.
  • Through consultation, we expect to use the balance to develop the rest of the budget and schedule specifically in regards to local costs of art design, sets and locations, as well as local and international casting, intellectual property and accounting.

We’ve also been developing original music for the film, including adapting the song ‘Songea’  from the teaser video The Time is Now to the film. We are setting to music a poem by Lucy Kithinji, that was inspired when she saw the short teaser video The Time is Now.

 In other news, the Time is Now received an international award of merit at the International Film Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality in Jakarta Indonesia in September 2016. We feel encourage and motivated!

So, we are still excited about the movie, and still forging ahead. Your support at this first stage has been instrumental in getting us going. We will update you further as things progress.

Thanks again for your support for our movie.


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